Zita Cassizzi

Zita Cassizzi
Chief Digital Officer

Known for an expertise in E-commerce and digital business models, as well as a talent for innovative thinking and problem solving, Zita Cassizzi is putting her considerable global skills to work as the Chief Digital Officer of TOMS, the rapidly-expanding One-for-One giving business, founded in 2006 by Texas entrepreneur, Blake Mycoskie.

Zita’s role is to lead “all things digital” on a global basis, which includes a daunting list of responsibilities:  E-commerce business management, online marketing, mobile and social media, web development and analytics, testing and targeting, digital business development, as well as customer service and support.  Her energy and sense of accomplishment make it all possible.  Add to this, her extraordinary experience from a long career at Dell in both North America and Europe, a passion for entrepreneurism, and even her proficiency in speaking Hungarian, and you’ve characterized a rare, modern executive attuned to the needs of a very different company.

TOMS gives in 60 countries, and is indeed a very different company.  In fact, California-based TOMS represents the evolution of a new business model of increasing interest in today’s more socially-responsible world.  A for-profit company that designs and sells shoes based on Argentina’s alpargata design, they also operate a non-profit subsidiary, Friends of TOMS.  When TOMS sells a pair of shoes, another pair of shoes is given to a child in need. 

To date, over 10 million pairs of shoes have been given to impoverished children through humanitarian organizations that incorporate shoes into their community development programs.   TOMS is now creating local jobs by manufacturing shoes in the countries where they give and producing other types of shoes of use to different terrains, climates and seasons.

Since 2011, TOMS has also been selling eyewear, and again donates part of the profits to help improve or restore the eyesight of people in the developing world—directly helping over 150,000 individuals in 10 countries through various vision programs.

The affinity for TOMS products around the world and its One-for-One giving philosophy means that Zita Cassizzi is well-focused on global expansion—an area of strength for her.  Prior to TOMS, she led Dell.com globally, including its long-term strategy, creative design, content creation, and social media efforts. Her prior role at Dell was also global in scope as head of marketing and general manager of the Consumer Online business, where she expanded the global online operations and drove significant growth while managing a P&L of over $4 billion. Zita also spent two years in Europe as a member of the European management team.

We have no doubt that she’ll continue to take TOMS to a new level. 

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