Américo Campos Silva

Américo Campos Silva
Global Marketing Manager
Shell Brands International

Américo Campos Silva readily admits that this is one of the most exciting times to be in marketing.  His journey over the past 18 months has focused on the global synchronization of the sprawling Shell brand—rich in heritage and with diverse stakeholders—through a new digital infrastructure. The benefits, particularly in today's Big Data environment, have proved greater than all initial expectations. In fact, Américo may have a coined a new marketing phrase in describing those benefits as collateral results.

Américo Campos Silva manages the Shell overall global Media budget across all businesses globally, and is responsible for the agency contract and the development of media strategies and media consumption habits across all Shell audiences and geographies. He also developed the vision and strategy that allowed the implementation of a global digital infrastructure for Shell digital buys.

In early 2010, he realized that in addition to the complex fragmentation of Shell businesses across different audiences, the management of the company’s digital media buys were also quite fragmented via 13 ad servers around the globe. To have global, homogenous, consistent and like4like data management of Shell's digital media buys, the company needed to migrate to one global Adserver provider. In 2013, the company had direct access to data of all digital campaigns globally. Through Américo’s effort, Shell was also able to achieve a structural cost reduction with this change of more than 45% in Adserving costs.

Interestingly, this decision created other opportunities for Shell. One involves digital creative. “We now have a streamlined process to develop, build, and deploy digital assets on a global basis,” says Campos Silva. “This new process will help us improve the speed in which we go live in market, while reducing the time agencies need to adapt digital assets. It also equates to a significant cost and structural reduction allocated for production. At the same time, it improves the control and visibility of the implementation.”

A Shell veteran, Américo Campos Silva started his career at Shell Portugal's Advertising and Media Department 20 years ago after serving as a young account director at Publicis Lisbon. His roles within Shell have ranged from local brand management to global marketing communications as he moved with each assignment from his native Portugal to Brazil to the UK to Switzerland and now back to London. During that time, he launched in over 50 countries Shell Retail's most successful global promotion called the Velocita project, led a new Media Audit methodology, consolidated all lines of business with a single global media agency, developed a 360 model to outsource retail promotions while creating the first-ever self-liquidating promotion with zero cost to implement, and during his years in Brazil, he found new ways to work with procurement, which are now considered best practice at Shell.

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