Thursday, August 15, 2013

Allison Dew

Allison Dew
Vice President Global Marketing

Allison Dew’s twitter handle underscores her passion as an internationalist: “Japanophile, Francophile, travel-ophile and read-ophile (not a word). Love tech and fashion.”  What she might ad—if there were sufficient characters— is “customer-ophile.”

Currently the vice president of global corporate and consumer marketing, Allison joined Dell in 2008 to build the global customer research function just as the company was starting to grow its enterprise capabilities.  Since then, she’s been an integral part of Dell’s brand and marketing transformation, driving a renewed emphasis on customer understanding, brand and reputation focus, as well as integrated marketing.  Today she runs the global brand team, social media strategy and global consumer marketing.  

Dell’s origins were built on a serving the customer.  Now that Dell’s privatization deal is completed with the acquisition by Founder and CEO Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners, the company’s focus remains firmly planted on serving customers to help them achieve their goals.

All of Allison’s roles at Dell have taught her that understanding customer data not only enables deeper relationships with Dell owners, but ensure that customers’ needs are met while building on the core values of the brand.  "The Power to Do More" advertising tagline and brand rallying cry originated from a corporate ethos to serve customers and drive the kinds of innovations that will help them achieve their goals.
Well-known for working to deliver a best-in-class customer experience, The @DellCares program is one component of the company’s Social Outreach Services (SOS), developed to better understand customer needs, resolve issues and build stronger relationships.  Other programs now include @DellCaresPRO for businesses and enterprise communities, as well as Dell TechCenter, Inside Enterprise IT blog and #DellSolves blog.

Allison Dew joined Dell from Microsoft, where she held a variety of marketing roles including running MSN marketing, leading brand and advertising for Windows, and driving community and marketing initiatives on

Prior to Microsoft, she spent seven years working on the advertising agency side-- five in a regional shop in Tokyo, Japan and two in an independent shop focused on multi-cultural advertising in New York. Allison’s undergraduate degree is in French and Japanese from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA is from the Wharton School.

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