Thirty marketing leaders have been named Internationalists of the Year by The Internationalist. These individuals represent the people behind today's outstanding marketing thinking and brand communications.  This is the largest list of Internationalists to date underscoring how marketing is going through reinvention while becoming more important to 21st century business.

ABOUT The Internationalists of the Year
Celebrating the People behind the Brands
Internationalists of the Year take marketing risks that produce results in multiple markets or a worthy of global best practices. Without their leadership, many critical marketing programs simply would not come to fruition.

According to their peers, Internationalists of the Year are leading lights-- champions of multinational strategy, adept at innovative communications, advocates of responsible brand-building and inventors of how we re-think marketing's new capabilities. In the midst of a re-set global economy, combined with today's fast digital pace and emphasis on accountability, the extraordinary efforts of these individuals insure that key marketing programs move ahead and make a difference.

These marketers are also welcomed as part of THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 initiative-- 1000 Marketers Around the World Reshaping the Future of Marketing in global partnership with the ANA/ Association of National Advertisers-- is a group of dedicated industry leaders who are reshaping our understanding of marketing’s expanding role throughout the world.  The marketing industry is undergoing dramatic transformation brought about by technology, globalization, and an economic re-set. “The reinvention of marketing” is becoming a more critical issue as the industry looks to deliver purpose and meaning to  brand values in a business world increasingly defined by social media, mobility, analytics, "big data" and the need for global growth.  THE INTERNATIONALIST 1000 can help shape this agenda.

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